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Packaging your food properly preserves freshness and ensures safe handling.  So we have put together some tips on how to choose the right paper and how to use them.


Wax Paper vs. Parchment Paper

Wax Paper LinersWax Paper and Parchment Papers are both coated.  The difference between them is that Wax Paper is coated with a soybean or paraffin wax and Parchment Paper is coated with silicone which makes it perfect for lining baking pans.

Wax paper is best used to wrap food for cold storage such as hamburgers or brownies since this will prevent them from sticking.

So wax paper is good for cold, while parchment paper is good for hot.  Parchment paper can also be used over and over again while wax paper can not.


Wax Paper Fast Facts

1.  Coated with soybean wax or paraffin - moisture resistant.  Moisture resistance prevents food from getting soggy.

2.  Not for oven use

3.  Single use

Uses for Wax Paper:  wrap cold foods such as hamburgers, lining pizza boxes, candy dipping, kneading breads


Parchment Paper Fast Facts

1.  Coated with silicone or quilon - nonstick - heat resistant.

2.  Oven safe

3.  Reusable


Uses for Parchment Paperline pans during baking, wrap sandwiches.


If you would like additional information on any food wrap please contact us.  We have 70 years experience in assisting people with the best product for their needs.


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